Why should you sign a shareholder agreement with your business partner?

In Australia, shareholder agreements are very important. The content of a shareholders agreement generally includes:

  • Shareholders’ voting rights;
  • Shareholder roles and responsibilities;
  • repayment arrangements; and
  • Profit distribution, etc.

If the partners do not sign the shareholder agreement, once a dispute arises between the two parties in the future and a settlement cannot be reached, there is a high chance that a lawsuit will be filed and resolved in court. In addition, in the absence of a shareholder agreement, partners with less shareholdings will have little say.

Therefore, if you want to started a business with a business partner, or have already started a business but have not signed a shareholder agreement, we strongly recommend that you contact a commercial lawyer immediately to understand and sign the shareholder agreement as soon as possible to protect your rights.

Source: https://asic.gov.au/for-business/running-a-company/company-shareholders/

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