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Canaan Lawyers is predominantly a litigation law firm. More than 60% of our work is litigious in nature. We have an extensive track record in representing clients in State and Federal Superior courts for contractual and partnership disputes, debt recovery, corporations law, defamation and torts matters.

 Money disputes

Debt recovery
Oral agreement
Commercial disputes

Representing the plaintiff

The other side denies liability
Claim for damages and loss
Post-judgment appeal

Representing the defendant

Receipt of a letter of demand
Denial of liability
False accusations


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Litigation Experience

We have 16 years of experience in handling disputes involving schools, universities, government bodies, partners, shareholders, neighbours, landlords, tenants, sellers, purchasers, manufacturers, franchise, investors, contractors, employers, employees, suppliers, customers, banks, lenders, borrowers, foreigners and overseas companies. Our litigation experience includes but is not limited to matters in the following areas:

  • Business agreements and transactions
  • Sale or transfer of business
  • Leasing (retail, commercial, factory and residential)
  • Property (sales & purchase, neighbours, off the plan)
  • Debt Recovery
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy
  • Foreign judgment registered in Australia
  • Company related matters (shareholders’ dispute)
  • Partnership
  • Franchise
  • Negligence and personal injury
  • Wills and Estate
  • Professional negligence
  • Intellectual property (Copyright and trademark infringement)
  • Employment (Fair Work, employee, employer)
  • Intervention Order (IVO) and Family Violence Intervention Order (FVIO)

We differentiate ourselves from other law firms in these aspects:


We always offer a fixed fee for every stage of the process rather than charging by the hour. Based on our vast experience, we are able to clearly define the scope of work for each stage and will never charge our clients more than what we have quoted. We can offer our clients a piece of mind in terms of legal costs. Our clients can completely trust us and not worry or question whether we are doing our work quick enough since we do not charge hourly. Dragging on the matter does not benefit us at all and thus we understand our clients’ desire to reach a result promptly.


We always listen to our clients carefully and define their desired outcomes. Many lawyers praise themselves for winning a court case but for Canaan Lawyers, we take pride in achieving our clients’ desired outcomes. We understand that every client has different goals and needs. Some clients want to achieve a specific settlement whereas some clients may have different priorities. Regardless, many clients do not wish to spend astronomical amounts on legal fees to win a court case. Accordingly, our goal is to always achieve what our clients desire, and not what we think is the best for our clients. We never force our clients to accept an offer from the other side just because we see it as a reasonable offer.


More than 90% of our clients are of an Asian background. Not only do we understand the way Asians do things, we also have extensive experience in clearly explaining to the court why and how our clients did what they did in order to advance their positions. We have achieved many excellent results over the years, including multi-million-dollar transactions, where no formal agreement (for example, only verbal agreement and WeChat messages) was entered between the parties.

We have also successfully defended many cases where our clients were misled into signing documents which they did not fully understand. Many Asian people, especially new migrants, are being misled into investing into projects and unknowingly become victims of civil fraud. It is our mission to recover their hard-earned money and provide better access to justice for Asian people living in Australia.


When we communicate with our clients, we do not use legal jargons. We have the ability to explain the situation and our advice in a way which is easy to understand. If you can not communicate well with your own lawyers, not only it is very frustrating during the process but more importantly, it is very difficult to achieve the outcomes you desired.



We are not a law firm that is inexperienced in litigation and would engage a barrister every step of the way. We are litigation lawyers and would love to do most of the work ourselves. We would engage a barrister only when necessary and for some court appearances. We ensure that our clients would not be paying double in legal fees.


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