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Jamila Xiong

Jamila predominately practises in family law, commercial law and litigation matters including franchising, property and business-related disputes. 

Jamila has extensive experience across a broad range of areas in family law including pre-marriage asset protection, divorce, property settlement and custody arrangements. In the past years, she demonstrated strong conflict resolution skills and achieved clients’ desired outcomes efficiently in and out of court.   

Jamila also acted for many well-known brands such as Miniso, Papparich, Nene chicken, PopMart and Gotcha. As a result-driven lawyer, she has delivered excellent results and successfully settled complex disputes in relation to partnership, shareholder, franchise and leasing for many small businesses and high-profile enterprises.

Jamila has achieved exceptional outcomes in some of the most difficult cases. Just in the past 12 months, Jamila has:

  • Successfully achieved the client’s most desired divorce outcomes despite her partner refusing to attend to any hearing.
  • Successfully discovered all the assets hidden in China by the other side and exceeded the client’s expectations on property distribution by 30%.
  • Successfully protected 100% of client’s parents asset by removing it from the asset pool and stopped the other side from claiming it. 
  • Successfully secured 60% of the asset pool even though the other side had no capacity to make decisions due to his physical illness. 
  • Represented minority shareholders of a company who was removed by the other side and successfully obtained a payout sum of $1.1 million.