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Canaan Lawyers is one of the leading law firms in Melbourne that understands the Chinese community. Our multilingual lawyers are highly experienced and pride themselves in their familiarity with the specific needs of the Chinese community.We always keep ourselves updated with the changes in legislation to prepare and deliver sophisticated legal solutions to our clients.



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Our Services

We’re here to help you understand and resolve your legal issues. Our experienced team of professional lawyers is ready to represent you. We specialize in employment, commercial, criminal, and family law, but we can assist with any matter.

Commercial Law

For enterprises of all scales about to expand to Australia, our extensive experience in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region will help you navigate the legal aspect of your journey.


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Civil Litigation

We have 18 years of experience in handling contractual disputes, misleading and deceptive conduct, debt recovery, bankruptcy, liquidation to other conflicts that involve monetary claims.

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Family Law

Our Chinese-speaking lawyers can assist you in all legal family matters. We are experienced in managing legal family matters such as divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, property disputes, etc.


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Criminal Law

We assist you through all stages in the criminal justice system. When facing charges of criminal offenses, our lawyers negotiate, defend and represent you to fight for your best interest.


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Employment Law

We provide legal advice for clients, assisting them in retaining staff and managing workplace relations. We cover services ranging from preparing executive employment contracts to advising clients on employee termination.

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Will & Probate

We manage all sorts of personal legal matters such as asset protection, charitable trusts, wills, guardianship, etc. Our multilingual lawyers work with you to negotiate with relevant parties to deliver a practical, balanced solution.

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Derek Lo


Derek Chan


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Google Review

I am really lucky. They provided me with professional legal advice when I was most helpless. Thank you.
zheng max
zheng max
你们是我在见过最好的律师,有专业道德和良心, 全部都很有经验,对家庭法非常清楚了解,对打官司很有把握
Alex Cheung
Alex Cheung
Derek and the team have supported my business from the very beginning and they continue to provide personalised and well-considered advice. I appreciate the extra time Derek spends to ensure that I have a good grasp of different legal terms and requirements for my business - thank you!
Asami Koike
Asami Koike

Our Clients

Our clients include high net worth individuals, large companies, small and medium sized enterprises. They are in a wide range of industries including retail, professional services, property development and management, hospitality, franchising, finance and education. As well as acting for established enterprises we act for emerging businesses, government officials, community groups; and charitable and non-government organisations.

We strive to develop strong long-term relationships with clients and to provide value to our clients on an ongoing basis. Whether you’re needing representation in court, or something else, our lawyers are ready to assist you.

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    Latest News

    Canaan aims to be more than a firm that merely offers professional legal services. We strive to provide latest legal news.

    Divorce Family Law News

    How much does a divorce cost in Australia?

    在澳洲離婚,過程涉及多種費用,包括政府費用、服務費用、律師費用、調解費用以及處理財產分配和孩子撫養權的費用。了解這些費用可以幫助您更好地規劃離婚過程。本文將詳細解釋各類費用的具體情況。  申請離婚的基本費用: 離婚的費用會因應您的情況而有所不同。 1. 申請方式:單方面還是共同申請? 單人申請費用*:AUD 930  雙方共同申請費用:AUD 1,060  *如果您選擇單方面申請離婚,您必須將離婚申請文件送達您的配偶,這會產生額外的郵費和服務費用。如果您的配偶沒有回應或無法聯繫,還需要支付額外的費用以確保文件能夠成功送達。(繼續閱讀:對方拒絕離婚?符合這些條件,即可單方面申請離婚。) 2. 結婚證書:您是否持有證書?證書是否英文? 如果您遺失了結婚證書,您需要支付費用補領。 如果您的結婚證書並非英文,您需要聘請有專業資格的翻譯員進行翻譯。 3. 如果您和您的伴侶符合以下條件之一,便可以申請減免申請費。 持有有效的健康護理卡(health care card)、養老金卡(pensioner concession card)或其他政府福利卡(包括聯邦老年健康卡(Commonwealth seniors health card)以及由澳大利亞服務局或退伍軍人事務部簽發的其他卡片)。 您已經獲得法律援助 (legal aid)。 您正在領取青年津貼(youth allowance)、Austudy或ABSTUDY補助。 您未滿18歲。 您是監獄囚犯或其他被依法拘留在公共機構中的人。 您正經歷經濟困難。 4. 申請離婚的律師費用 雖然離婚不一定需要律師,您可以自行上網申請離婚。但是,我們強烈建議您聘請律師,以確保你的離婚申請能順利完成。如果您沒有正確填寫離婚申請書,或漏交任何文件,這會嚴重延遲申請的審核過程。 您的律師費用會因應您的離婚申請的複雜性而有不同。例如,如果您與配偶的分居方式是分房,您必須準備宣誓書,以證明您已經分居超過12個月。 律師會有兩種收費,包括固定收費或按小時收費。由於離婚申請涉及標準的步驟,很多律師事務所都可以提供一個固定的報價。 5. 婚姻輔導費用: 根據澳洲法律,如果你和伴侶結婚沒有超過兩年,您們必須去一次專業的婚姻輔導,才能夠申請離婚 (除非您沒有辦法找到您的伴侶,關係涉及家庭暴力或對方不願意去婚姻輔導)。如果結婚超過兩年,便不需要去婚姻輔導。 6. 財產分配和孩子撫養權的費用: 申請離婚並不包括處理財產分配和孩子撫養權的相關事宜。 在財產分配和孩子撫養權方面,您需要考慮是否聘用律師代表您與對方談判。如果雙方達成共識,便需要用協議或法庭命令去落實談判結果。如果雙方未能達成共識,便需要交給法庭處理,當中涉及法庭的費用和律師費用。 由於訴訟性質的案件有難以預估工作量,很多律師都會以按小時收費,也就是根據律師實際花費的時間來計算費用。迦南律師事務所是少數能為訴訟案件提供了固定收費的律師事務所之一。我們願意與您共同承擔風險,並以最快的速度達成您期望的結果,絕不拖延案件進度。憑借豐富的訴訟經驗,我們能準確估算每個步驟所需的費用,並逐步為您的案件提供報價。 如果你有任何有關離婚的疑問,請馬上聯繫迦南律師事務所。我們的家庭法律師非常樂意為你解答相關的法律問題,並向你提供專業高效的策略以保障你的利益。 資料來源:https://www.fcfcoa.gov.au/fl/fees/fl-fees *免責聲明:以上內容皆為提供一般法律知識,不可當作對您個別問題的針對性建議。法律是複雜的,我們強烈建議您諮詢專業的法律意⻅。任何⼈⼠如因以上內容所載或漏載的資料⽽引致任何損失或損害,迦南律師事務所將不承擔任何責任。 [...]

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    If you have any questions about our lawyers, especially if you need to speak to someone who is fluent in Chinese, please feel free to get in touch with us by calling on 03 9620 0888 or by sending an email to info@canaanlawyers.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Whether you’re in Melbourne or Sydney or anywhere else in Australia, we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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