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Frequently asked questions:

What is the divorce procedure in Australia?

If you are considering getting a divorce in Australia, the process involves meeting the 12-month separation requirement, filing an application with the Federal Circuit Court, serving the application to the other spouse, attending a court hearing, and obtaining a divorce order.

It is important to note that the divorce process may involve complicated legal documentation. Contact us today to so that we can provide you with the legal guidance and support you need to navigate the divorce process successfully.

How long does it take to finalise a divorce application?

In Australia, if you and your spouse have been separated for at least 12 months, you can file for a divorce. The time it takes to finalise a divorce application can vary, but it typically takes about 2 to 4 months from the date of filing to receive the divorce order. The actual time frame can depend on various factors, such as the completion of application, court’s workload, the complexity of the case, and whether the divorce is contested or uncontested.

Contact us now and find how how to finalise a divorce.

How to speed up a divorce application?

Filing the necessary paperwork promptly can ensure that all the required forms are completed and filed accurately to avoid delays. As applying divorce involves a complicated legal process with the requirement of substantial documents, we strongly advise you to contact our lawyers to guide you through the process.

Do I need a lawyer for a divorce application?

In Australia, you are not legally required to have a lawyer to apply for a divorce. However, it is highly recommended that you consult with a lawyer when filing for a divorce. A divorce is a legal process that involves a lot of paperwork and legal procedures that can be confusing and overwhelming without legal guidance.

If you fail to provide all the required documents or cannot prove the separation, the court may reject your application.

It is important to have a lawyer review the details written on the divorce application as they can have significant implications on property settlement and child custody.
In what circumstances, your divorce application may not be approved?

If the court is not satisfied that the 12-month separation has taken place, or if the required forms and documents are not properly completed, your divorce application will not be approved.

Contact us and we can provide guidance on the necessary steps to take and ensure that your application is completed correctly.

What happens to my partner visa if I separate?

If you hold a partner visa in Australia and you separate from your partner, the status of your visa may be affected. We do not provide any services for immigration law but we can refer you to our trusted immigration lawyer to help you. 

This FAQ content is general in nature and not intended as legal advice. For specific legal advice regarding your situation, we strongly advise you to consult with experienced lawyers.

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Chinese family lawyers in Melbourne who speak fluent Chinese

We know that becoming involved in family law litigation can be one of the most stressful experiences in a client’s life. That’s why at Canaan Lawyers, we strive to minimise the difficulties involved in the legal process by focusing on resolving family disputes in a realistic, cost effective and sensitive fashion. Whatever your requirements may be, Canaan Lawyers have the skills and experience to assist you with your family law concern and will provide advice and care during this sensitive time.

Here at Canaan Lawyers, we are home to some of the most experienced Chinese divorce lawyers in Melbourne who bring their knowledge, expertise, and sympathetic guiding hands to each and every case. Our team of Chinese family lawyers in Melbourne, many of whom can speak fluent Chinese, have acted for clients in a range of family law litigation including divorce and matters involving overseas property and other assets.

Furthermore, our team of Chinese family and divorce lawyers will guide you every step of the way to protect your best interest and ensure that you take full advantage of the process.

Aside from making applications for divorce, we also offer a range of other family services, including:

  • Preparing pre-nuptial agreements
  • Preparing binding financial agreements
  • Making applications for divorce
  • Assisting clients in property disputes
  • Representing clients in mediation, conciliation and litigation


“I got much more than what I expected”

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It was a very nasty divorce and before I went to see Canaan Lawyers, my ex-husband offered me $10,000 to walk away. He used all kinds of way to pressure me into accepting the offer. On the first day I hired Canaan, I knew I was in good hands. They listened to the outcomes that I hoped for, then came up with a strategy and explained the necessary steps to achieve good results. Every week they updated me on the progress and at the end, my lawyer successfully obtained a IVO against my ex-husband on my behalf and I received 56% of the asset pool. This was all achieved without going to court and completed within 3 months. I cannot be happier.

“Canaan lawyers helped me to get out of my divorce much quicker than I expected”

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To me, having a clean cut with my ex-spouse quickly was my top priority. She has been dragging on for more than 2 years and all I wanted was a fair share of the asset and time with my kids. It was not my intention to get the most and fight this in court for another year or so. Canaan Lawyers really listened to my needs and their strategy really worked on her. Within 4 months of engaging Canaan, my divorce was granted and two documents on property settlement and kids’ arrangement are signed by both parties. My ex-spouse was the most difficult person I know and I expected a much longer fight with her. Best of all, I didn’t need to spend thousands in court.

“Luckily I listened to them and got my divorce done in Australia and not China”

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I was from China and moved to Australia 2.5 years ago. Most of my friends told me that the Divorce laws in China would favour me and urge me to do it in China rather than Australia. After hiring Canaan Lawyers, they analysed my situation and showed me the pros and cons of the two countries. I ended up taking on the advice by Canaan and I am very happy with the result. Thank you, Canaan Lawyers.”  

“I am satisfied with the outcome and very impressed how they handled my case for the last 14 months”

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My ex-spouse was very unreasonable so I had no option but to fight this in the family court. At the end, I receive what I believe is a fair outcome. Canaan Lawyer is very professional. They know exactly what I want, they listen to my concerns and they explain to me carefully what their strategy is. Their advice is very practical and every time when the parties have an opportunity to negotiate settlement, they use their special risk/reward analysis to help me to make a decision. They never stir things up between me and my ex-spouse. Every week I receive a progress report so I know what they have done last week to progress my case. Canaan Lawyers delivers top customer service, so different to my experience with other lawyers in the past.

“No surprise with fees. I trust them”

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I wouldn’t say their fees were cheap but they were very reasonable given the standard of service I received from Canaan Lawyers. I needed someone who is competent to handle my divorce and finalise it quickly. I didn’t want to hire a lawyer in my local suburb who charges very little but I end up losing too much assets to my ex-spouse who was with me for only 1.5 years. Their strategy was practical and they explained everything to me without legal jargons. I understand their advice and I was able to make informed decisions. Canaan Lawyers always fixed a price and they never charged me more than what they quoted. I feel that they are quite knowledgeable and well experienced in divorce matters and the whole experience was not stressful. I am happy with the result at the end which they were able to get for me within 3-4 months.

“They are as good as their reputation”

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The name Canaan Lawyers is quite well known within the Chinese Community but the reason why I chose them at the beginning was because my best friend hired them in her divorce 3 years ago. I have been in Australia since high school and I can communicate well in English. I must admit that I was a bit sceptical with Chinese lawyers and I was inclined to choose a Western lawyer. After talking to a few western law firms, I end up hiring Canaan Lawyers and I do not regret this decision. Similar to what my best friend has said to me, Canaan Lawyers are professional and actually listen to what I want and need. I never felt like they pushed me into accepting their advice and if I didn’t understand, they would explain to me slowly until we were on the same page. I am glad the whole divorce is over after a few months so that I could now move on with my life. I would definitely recommend to my friends in the future if they ever need a lawyer.  

“I wouldn’t have much if I didn’t hire them”

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If you are about to get a divorce, take my advice and do not believe everything your friends and family say about the law. There are so many myths out there and friends are not professionally trained to deal with situation like this. I was subject to family violence a few times during marriage and was kicked out of the house (under my ex-spouse’s name only) after separation. All of my friends have told me not to hire a lawyer so early (because they are expensive) and I should negotiate with my ex-husband directly in the first 12 months. Fortunately, I didn’t follow my friend’s advice and sought advice from Canaan Lawyers right after separation. They asked me about my ex-husband’s background and they immediately warned me about the risk of him leaving Australia permanently with my 3 year old son who was staying with him. Canaan Lawyers applied for an airport watch for my son and put a caveat on his property. It was later discovered that my ex-spouse’s strategy was to sell the house and return to China with my son by Chinese New Year. If I listened to friends and family and didn’t see Canaan, I think I wouldn’t be with my son today and have a place to stay.

“They helped me to return loan money to my parents before we split assets”

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My parents lent me money to purchase my 2 houses but my ex-spouse insisted that it was a gift to both of us. The money was hard earned money by my parents and it was my duty to return the money to them as they were about to retire. I was happy to split 50:50 with her after the loan is repaid to my parents. She lied to her lawyers but at the end Canaan Lawyers used their strategy to have my parent’s loan repaid in full with interest. They were very thorough in running my case and were able to prove that my contributions were a lot more than her. We ended up settling and I got 62% of the assets pool. My parents and I are very happy with the outcome.

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If you are requiring assistance with your upcoming divorce, separation or you would like advice on arranging a pre-nuptial agreement, Canaan Lawyers are able to assist you during this sensitive time. Our Chinese family lawyers in Melbourne have experience across a range of family services and if required will be able to speak to you in Chinese to help with the proceedings.

At Canaan Lawyers, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide premium law services in a variety of different areas, including criminal law, commercial law and litigation. If you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment with one of our Chinese family lawyers in Melbourne, get in touch with our team today. Our Melbourne based office can be reached on 03 9620 0888. Alternatively, you can send an email to or fill out our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.