Chinese Criminal Defence Lawyers in Melbourne


Whether your offence is drink driving related or something else, we can help.

Being charged with criminal offences can be a stressful experience, especially if it is the first time you are in such a situation.

At Canaan Lawyers, we have the expertise and experience to assist you at every step of the way in your interaction with the criminal justice system. Our Chinese criminal defence lawyers in Melbourne can:

  • negotiate with prosecution authorities on your behalf to achieve the best outcome for you
  • vigorously defend you
  • appear for you in court
  • give you legal advice so you can make an informed decision

Traffic offence

Drink driving
Careless and dangerous driving
Speeding and unlicensed driving

Drug offence

Drug possession
Drug trafficking and selling
Drug cultivation and manufacture

Violation of personal rights

Assault and self-defence
Sexual assault and rape
Manslaughter and Murder

Commercial crime

Fraud and Theft
Corruption and white-collar crimes
Breaching business license’s conditions

Money Laundering

Concealment of proceeds of a crime
Possess proceeds of a crime
Directing above activities

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Our Chinese criminal defence lawyers will fight for fair and just outcomes for you.

Having a criminal record would have a significant impact on you. If you did not commit the crime, we will fight hard for you to prove your innocence. Furthermore, our Chinese criminal defence lawyers in Melbourne take all the time necessary to craft bespoke criminal defence services that guide our clients through the process step by step.

Even if you consider the offence you are charged with to be trivial, you should still consult our Chinese court Lawyers in Melbourne for preliminary advice. If you are found guilty of offences however trivial, you may receive a criminal conviction, heavy fines and penalties. Having us represent you will increase the chance of not getting convicted and getting less severe fines and penalties. Even if you decide to plead guilty to criminal charges, having our Chinese defence lawyer represents you in court can often result in a significant difference in the sentence which you will receive.

Some offences which are commonly considered to be trivial (but nevertheless are capable of attracting severe consequences) are:

  • Traffic offences, e.g.: speeding, drink driving, or driving without displaying ‘L’ or ‘P’ plates
  • Carrying out building work without a building permit
  • Operating a food business in unsanitary and unhygienic conditions
  • Breaching the conditions of a liquor licence
  • Breaching an Intervention Order by approaching a protected person

If you are convicted of a crime, it will lead to the following consequences depending on the nature and severity of the crime:

  • Fine
  • Suspension or revocation of license
  • Community service
  • Conviction
  • Suspended sentence
  • Imprisonment

We acted for individuals and corporations in many high-profile and complex criminal cases in Australia and achieved favourable outcomes.

Our Chinese court lawyers in Melbourne have acted for individuals and corporations that have been charged with criminal offences by the police, local councils, and other government and regulatory authorities.

In the past years, we engaged in many complex and high-profile criminal cases in which we achieved favourable outcomes for our clients, including

  • The third biggest drug trafficking case in Australia.
  • A casino junket operator was charged with money laundering, facing a total of five criminal charges.
  • An international student in Sydney was charged with sexual assault and rape.
  • The son of a wealthy business owner was charged with drink driving and hit-and-run, involving a luxurious European sports car.
  • A director of a listed company was charged with embezzling company funds.
  • A Chinese woman in Melbourne was found to possess stolen goods with a net worth of over 5 million.
  • A man who was arrested for being involved in a gunfight that was taken place outside a casino in Melbourne.
  • An infamous Chinese counselor was charged by the government with an offence under a conflict of interest.

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If you are charged with criminal offences from drink driving, or minor traffic offences, to more serious crimes, please contact our criminal defence lawyers in Melbourne immediately. Our court lawyers will arrange to meet with you on a priority basis, because we recognise that your fundamental human rights, liberties and privileges may be at stake.

If you have any questions about our services, whether it be about family law, commercial law, or litigation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.