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One crucial step for tenants to prevent disputes before installing equipment in the shop!

The Federal and State governments have recently introduced various benefits, such as subsidies and tax deductions, to promote the adoption of renewable energy solutions. Two notable programs in this regard are the Solar Program for Business and the Small Business Energy Incentive Program. However, it is crucial to avoid potential lease breaches when applying for […]

Three key considerations when leasing a commercial property

When finding an ideal store, we may rush to sign a lease agreement to secure it. However, once the landlord accepts, we cannot change our minds. The consequences go beyond losing a deposit; we may be obligated to accept the lease terms. Therefore, during the process of leasing a commercial property, we need to pay […]

Three Major Risks in Running a Business in Australia and How to Mitigate them?

If you want to operate a business in Australia, you must be aware of the three major risks associated with business operations. The three main risks of operating a business in Australia are: Debt risk. Disputes with consumers, suppliers, partners, and even the government. Disputes arising from reliance on verbal commitments. To effectively mitigate these […]

Two Key Questions to Assess Before Buying a Franchise

When considering the purchase of a franchise, there are two important questions that need to be carefully evaluated in order to better assess the risks involved. Question 1: How long has the franchise been in operation? If you are among the first five franchises of a particular brand, you may face higher risks. This is […]

End of Financial Year: Business Health Checklist

End of Financial Year Compliance Goes Beyond Taxes While accountants play a crucial role in ensuring tax compliance, legal compliance is equally important. This includes compliance with business structures, contracts, employment agreements, and regulatory requirements. Neglecting these areas can result in severe consequences such as financial penalties, legal disputes, and damage to reputation.

Why should you sign a shareholder agreement with your business partner?

In Australia, shareholder agreements are very important. The content of a shareholders agreement generally includes: Shareholders’ voting rights; Shareholder roles and responsibilities; repayment arrangements; and Profit distribution, etc. If the partners do not sign the shareholder agreement, once a dispute arises between the two parties in the future and a settlement cannot be reached, there […]

What to Consider When Buying and Selling a Business?

When considering purchasing or taking over an existing business, understanding the terms and conditions of the transaction is crucial. This means that the seller must provide you with: A purchase and sale agreement; A lease agreement; and A disclosure statement. When buying an existing business, it’s also important to pay attention to other details, including: […]