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Major Changes on Child Custody: How Do They Affect You?

New Changes to Take Effect on 6th May 2024 The Family Law Amendment Act (2023) introduces significant amendments that changes how the court decide on parenting arrangement. Therefore, we will outline everything you need to know about your custody rights after 6th May 2024. Equal Sharing Time with Parents No Longer the Default Outcome. Under […]

Can you find someone else to take care of your child after a court ruling?

When the court makes a decision and establishes custody arrangements for a child, many parents may wonder: How should I specifically arrange the time that has been awarded to me? Especially when I have work or other matters to attend to, can I have someone else take care of my child? Can I have someone […]

Family violence charges don’t automatically mean lost custody. The court cares about one factor !

In Australia, a domestic violence abuser does not necessarily lose custody of their children after a divorce.According to Australian law, the court will consider the best interests of the child when making a custody decision. Domestic violence, such as a husband abusing his wife or children, is never in the best interests of a child. […]

The One Factor That Decides Where a Child Lives After Divorce

In Australia, in most cases, when parents divorce, children will be under joint custody rather than one parent obtaining full custody. This means both parents will share the responsibility of caring for the children, including their daily life, education, health, and recreational activities. When the court decides on child custody, the best interests of the […]