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Received Drugs in a Friend’s Package! Does Ignorance Clear You?

When dealing with serious criminal cases like drug offence, many believe that reasons such as “I didn’t know,” “I was just helping,” or “I was just working” can serve as a shield in their defense. But is this really the case? Firstly, it must be clarified that when faced with accusations, the court will pose […]

Innocently Caught with Drugs? You may be charged with drug trafficking for one reason!

Even if you are not using drugs, being found with drugs on your person is very likely to be charged by the police. After being charged, several factors need to be established by the police: You are aware that there are drugs on your person. You have control over these drugs. However, the specific charge […]

Police search without reason? Know your rights!

In Australia, police have the power to search the public, but this power is limited. Under Australian law, police can only search in the following three situations: You consent to the search. The police have a search warrant. The police have reasonable grounds to suspect that you are carrying drugs. If the police ask to […]

Two things you must do if you are innocently caught with drugs by the police!

If you are innocently caught with drugs by the police, you should remain silent and request a lawyer. You should not say anything until your lawyer arrives. Here are some things to do when questioned by the police: Remain silent: You have the right to remain silent, and you should not say anything until your […]