Innocently Caught with Drugs? You may be charged with drug trafficking for one reason!

Even if you are not using drugs, being found with drugs on your person is very likely to be charged by the police. After being charged, several factors need to be established by the police:
  1. You are aware that there are drugs on your person.
  2. You have control over these drugs.
However, the specific charge brought by the police depends on the quantity of the drugs. The penalties for each type of drug vary based on the quantity. For example, with cocaine, if caught with 50 to 100 grams, you might be charged with drug possession. However, if the quantity exceeds 500 grams, essentially surpassing a commercial amount, you could be charged with drug trafficking. The penalties for drug possession might result in several years of imprisonment, but drug trafficking charges can lead to sentences ranging from ten to twenty years, and possibly even life imprisonment at any time. If you have any legal questions regarding drug offence, please contact us immediately. Our Criminal Lawyers will answer your legal questions and provide you with professional strategies to safeguard your rights.
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