Splitting Assets? 3 Key Things Judges Consider!

Divorce property division is an important step in the divorce process that affects the interests of both parties. In Australia, the court considers the following three factors when hearing divorce property division cases:

  1. Contributions to the marriage

The court will consider the contributions that each spouse made to the marriage, both financially and otherwise. For example, a spouse who was the primary breadwinner during the marriage may be awarded a greater share of the property than a spouse who stayed at home to raise children.

       2. Future needs

The court will also consider the future needs of each spouse. For example, a spouse who is retired or disabled may be awarded a greater share of the property to ensure that they can meet their basic needs.

       3. Length of marriage  

The length of the marriage is also a factor that the court may consider. Generally speaking, spouses who have been married for a longer period of time will have made greater contributions to the marriage and may be awarded a greater share of the property.

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