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Will & Probate: Who will inherit assets if there is no will?

In the absence of a Will or a valid will after the passing of a person, an application for a Grant of Letters of Administration must be made to the Supreme Court. This is typically made by the deceased’s spouse, domestic partner, or closest living relative (referred to as the next of kin). However, this […]

Will & Probate: Three types of assets you can’t leave in a will!

It’s important to understand that not all assets can be transferred through a Will. There are three types of assets that cannot be included in a Will: Property owned as joint tenants – This type of property passes from one owner to the other through survivorship, bypassing the provisions of a Will. Assets from a […]

Will & Probate: You should change your will in these 4 circumstances!

Making a will early is a good idea, but it’s important to remember that your circumstances and environment may change over time. Your relationship status may change the way your property is distributed. We suggest that if you encounter the following situations, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible to amend your will: […]