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Why is premarital property also divided during divorce?

Key Principles of Property Division in Divorce in Australia In Australia, divorce often involves complex property split. Understanding the principles of this process is crucial to protect your interests.  Fairness is the main principle. Typically, especially in long-term marriages, the court aims for an equal split of property, as long as it is fair. However, […]

Is a prenuptial agreement still valid in a divorce?

Prenuptial agreements are agreements made by both parties before marriage to protect their own rights and interests after marriage. The content usually mentions arrangements for married life, assets, and even property distribution in the event of divorce. Although prenuptial agreements can provide some protection for both parties, they cannot completely eliminate disputes in the event […]

5 Must-Knows Before Signing a Prenuptial Agreement

First, it needs to be determined whether the jurisdiction where the prenuptial agreement is signed recognizes prenuptial agreements. If you and your partner are in Australia, you don’t have to worry about this. In addition, to ensure that the prenuptial agreement can be enforced in any court, you must ensure that all of the following […]