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Required to appear in court for speeding? Skipping can have varied consequences!

In Australia, speeding is one of the most common traffic violations. Under the laws of Victoria, if a person speeds by 10 kilometers, they are usually issued an Infringement Notice by the police. The fine typically results in a monetary penalty and demerit points. As long as you pay within the specified date, the issue […]

Got a Speeding Ticket? Is Everything Okay once the Fine is Paid?

Normal speeding fines usually come with a fine, which can be resolved by paying it on time. However, in some cases, speeding may require you to go to court, or even have a criminal record! Under what circumstances will you be automatically convicted of speeding? In Victoria, certain serious offenses, such as severe speeding (exceeding […]

Friend drives your car illegally? You could be liable!

Generally speaking, if a friend drives your car illegally, the owner of the car is usually not legally liable. This is because the driver is considered the party to the illegal act, not the owner, when being prosecuted by the police. However, if the owner knows that the driver has dangerous driving behavior, and still […]

Just had a car accident!? First three things you MUST do right away!

Handling a car accident correctly is crucial if unfortunate circumstances arise. Stop and call for help: If you are involved in an accident where you hit a pedestrian, the first thing you must do is stop your vehicle immediately. After stopping, call emergency services right away. It is essential to note that if anyone is […]

Driving dangerously is illegal and a conviction will remain on your record.

Australia is recognized as one of the countries with the most severe penalties, and dangerous driving is an offence. For the sake of safety, when the driving speed or driving behaviour poses a danger to the public, regardless of whether it causes an accident or not, it is considered a dangerous driving behaviour. Dangerous driving behaviour […]