Friend drives your car illegally? You could be liable!

Generally speaking, if a friend drives your car illegally, the owner of the car is usually not legally liable. This is because the driver is considered the party to the illegal act, not the owner, when being prosecuted by the police.

However, if the owner knows that the driver has dangerous driving behavior, and still lends the car to him/her, the owner may be legally liable. In this case, if the driver violates traffic rules during the use of the car, but is not arrested by the police on the spot, the owner may receive a traffic violation ticket.

In addition, the owner may also face the risk of insurance claims being rejected. If the driver has an accident during the use of the car, the insurance company may refuse to pay the claim because the driver is not the owner. In this case, the owner may need to bear the compensation liability himself/herself.

Therefore, the best way to avoid any risks is not to lend your car to others. If you really need to lend your car, the owner should only lend it to someone you trust.

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