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Not only in Hong Kong, but Melbourne has also been witnessing frequent and severe knife-related assault cases! Unveiling Australia’s laws on causing injury!

In the past month, apart from the knife-related assault cases in Hong Kong, there have also been frequent incidents of serious injuries in Melbourne. What are the relevant laws and regulations in Australia regarding causing harm to others? If the attacker has a mental illness, will they be held criminally responsible? If the attacker has […]

Major Changes on Child Custody: How Do They Affect You?

New Changes to Take Effect on 6th May 2024 The Family Law Amendment Act (2023) introduces significant amendments that changes how the court decide on parenting arrangement. Therefore, we will outline everything you need to know about your custody rights after 6th May 2024. Equal Sharing Time with Parents No Longer the Default Outcome. Under […]

The Essential Christmas Checklist for Businesses in 2023

To ensure a smooth and compliant holiday season, we have compiled a comprehensive checklist to assist you in fulfilling legal requirements during Christmas and New Year. If you have any questions or concerns regarding legal compliance during the holidays, please contact us immediately. We will provide comprehensive legal support to help your business thrive during […]

Porter Davis Homes liquidation! How can property owners minimise losses if the project has been suspended?

What does it generally mean when a construction company goes into liquidation? In Australia, when a company enters into official liquidation proceedings, it must immediately cease all operations and be controlled by a designated liquidator who manages its assets and liabilities, and sells assets to repay debts. If it’s a construction company that goes into […]