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One way to protect personal assets when doing business in Australia!

A common way to protect your assets is to put them in the name of your spouse. This can help protect your assets in the event of a business failure, bankruptcy, or other financial hardship. For example, let’s say you are a small business owner and your spouse is not involved in the business. You […]

Three Major Risks in Running a Business in Australia and How to Mitigate them?

If you want to operate a business in Australia, you must be aware of the three major risks associated with business operations. The three main risks of operating a business in Australia are: Debt risk. Disputes with consumers, suppliers, partners, and even the government. Disputes arising from reliance on verbal commitments. To effectively mitigate these […]

Why should you sign a shareholder agreement with your business partner?

In Australia, shareholder agreements are very important. The content of a shareholders agreement generally includes: Shareholders’ voting rights; Shareholder roles and responsibilities; repayment arrangements; and Profit distribution, etc. If the partners do not sign the shareholder agreement, once a dispute arises between the two parties in the future and a settlement cannot be reached, there […]