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The Crucial Factor for a Successful Intervention Order Application!

Under what circumstances can I apply for an intervention order? An intervention order (also known as a protection order) is not limited to protecting either the female or male party. As long as anyone can prove that their life is being threatened, they can apply for a protection order. How to apply for an intervention […]

How to Apply for a Restraining Order?

When facing situations that require legal protection, applying for a restraining order has become an important means of self-protection. Whether it is domestic violence, harassment, or other forms of threats, a restraining order can provide legal safeguards to some extent. Preparation Phase First, preparation is crucial. Make sure you have all possible evidence at hand. […]

Two Key Factors Leading to Protection Orders Involving Criminal Charges!

Facing issues such as domestic violence and harassment, restraining orders have become an important legal tool aimed at protecting an individual’s safety and rights. However, many people may not understand whether a restraining order falls under criminal or civil jurisdiction. In fact, whether it involves criminal or civil law mainly depends on two key factors. […]

Your partner got a restraining order against you. Do you need to move out?

A restraining order is a legal order issued by a court, at the request of a party, that directs a defendant to refrain from engaging in certain conduct, in order to prevent the defendant from harassing, intimidating, or harming the plaintiff. In many cases, a restraining order will also require the defendant to stay a […]