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Three Successful Methods for Debt Recovery if the Debtor is Unable to Repay the Debt

If someone owes you money, as a creditor, you can sue the debtor in court, and the court will order them to repay the specified amount of debt. However, many people are unaware that if the debtor fails to comply with the court’s judgment and make the payment, the court is not obligated to enforce […]

Porter Davis Homes liquidation! How can property owners minimise losses if the project has been suspended?

What does it generally mean when a construction company goes into liquidation? In Australia, when a company enters into official liquidation proceedings, it must immediately cease all operations and be controlled by a designated liquidator who manages its assets and liabilities, and sells assets to repay debts. If it’s a construction company that goes into […]

If you are in one of these three situations, you should seek a lawyer to pursue debt!

Many people choose to use debt collection agencies to collect debts. However, there are three situations in which only a lawyer can help you collect your debt, and debt collection agencies are powerless to deal with debt disputes. Situation 1: The other party admits the debt but has no money to pay. Because debt collection […]