Required to appear in court for speeding? Skipping can have varied consequences!

In Australia, speeding is one of the most common traffic violations.

Under the laws of Victoria, if a person speeds by 10 kilometers, they are usually issued an Infringement Notice by the police. The fine typically results in a monetary penalty and demerit points. As long as you pay within the specified date, the issue should be resolved.

In Australia, being charged with speeding can lead to serious consequences, including license suspension and court appearances. Even though there is an option not to appear in court, we strongly advise attending and providing a reasonable explanation. Appearing in court can help mitigate the punishment, avoid a criminal record, or even imprisonment. Attending court on the specified date is crucial to protect your rights, providing a reasonable explanation and a good conduct record can help lessen the punishment.

In cases of severe speeding, the vehicle may be confiscated for one to two years.

If you are charged with severe speeding or other traffic offenses,  please contact us immediately. Our Traffic Offence Lawyers will answer your legal questions and provide you with professional strategies to safeguard your rights.

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