Not Hiring a Lawyer for Divorce Could Cost You a Fair Settlement. Learn Why.

Divorce is an important decision in life, involving family, property, children, and other aspects. If you lack understanding of the relevant laws, you may unknowingly make decisions that are disadvantageous or even illegal to yourself, ultimately leading to serious financial losses or other adverse consequences.

Therefore, it is wise to hire a professional divorce lawyer during the divorce process. A lawyer can help you understand the law, avoid making decisions that are not in your favour, and assist you in negotiating a fair divorce agreement to protect your rights.

  If either party does not hire a lawyer, they may make unreasonable demands, such as:
  • Require the other party to pay excessive alimony
  • Require the other party to give up all property
  • Require the other party to give up child custody
  • Require the other party to bear unreasonable obligations or responsibilities
These unreasonable demands will lead to the parties being unable to reach an agreement, eventually having to resort to the courts, wasting a lot of time and money, and may lead to the further deterioration of the relationship between the parties, making it impossible to reach a consensus. If you have any legal questions regarding divorce, property settlement or/and child custody, please contact us immediately. Our Family Lawyers will answer your legal questions and provide you with professional strategies to safeguard your rights.
*Disclaimer: The above content is provided as general legal knowledge and should not be taken as specific advice for your individual situation. The law is complex, and we strongly recommend consulting professional legal advice. Canaan Lawyers shall not be held liable for any loss or damage caused by the information contained or omitted in the above content.