Not an Australian citizen? Follow this requirement to apply for divorce in Australia!

The divorce requirements in Australia are not as strict as in many other countries. To apply for divorce, one party must have resided in Australia for at least 12 months before filing the application.  Therefore, whether you were married in Australia or overseas, as long as you or your spouse have resided in Australia for at least 12 months before filing the application, or you have the intention of residing in Australia for an extended period of time, you may apply for divorce in Australia.  In addition, if you divorced overseas and wish to remarry in Australia, you do not need to apply for divorce again in Australia. You may directly use the overseas divorce certificate to legally apply for marriage in Australia.  If you are currently dealing with issues in divorce, please contact us immediately. Our family lawyers are happy to answer your legal questions and provide you with professional and efficient strategies to protect your interests in the divorce process. Disclaimer: The above information is provided for general legal knowledge and should not be relied upon as specific legal advice for your individual situation. The law is complex and we strongly recommend that you seek professional legal advice. Canaan Law Firm will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any errors or omissions in the above information.