How Family Trusts Help Prevent Estate Disputes?

Family trusts are arrangements where the ownership of assets is entrusted to a trustee, who manages the trust property according to the trust agreement and transfers the assets to designated beneficiaries under specified conditions. The assets that can be placed in a family trust are not limited to funds alone but can include real estate, business shares, or other forms of assets.

However, the idea of entrusting the management of hard-earned wealth to someone outside the family often makes many traditional Chinese individuals hesitant about the concept of family trusts. Instead, they tend to opt for a more direct approach, such as making a will. Although making a will is the most common practice, it often leads to family disputes and even depletes the family’s wealth due to issues surrounding the authenticity and validity of the will. Family businesses breaking apart due to conflicts are also common occurrences.

The distinguishing factor of family trusts is that once a trust relationship based on trust is established, the assets contained within the trust no longer legally belong to the original owner. In other words, the assets in the trust exist independently and are not held by the settlor. Therefore, even if something happens to the settlor, the existence of the assets remains unaffected. Thus, family trusts can prevent disputes within the family from arising.

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Source: 《Axis of Law》Season 1 – Episode 5 – Property Settlement – Trust

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