Even if it does not interfere with social order, it is illegal to get drunk in public!

Under Australian law, it is illegal to be intoxicated in public. In consideration of social safety, the police will arrest and detain the drunk individual, even if the drunk individual does not interfere with others or public order.

In areas where drunk violence occurs frequently if the police suspect that you have the possibility of committing violence, sexual assault, destruction of materials, or carrying prohibited weapons. They have the power to prohibit you from entering certain areas for 24 hours. If you have committed the above crimes, the court will order you not to enter these areas for up to 12 months.

In addition to detention, the police will also issue fines to people who are drunk in public.

If you are unfortunately arrested by the police for being drunk, please contact us immediately. Our criminal lawyers are happy to answer your legal questions and ensure that you are not unreasonably exploited in your employment relationship.

Source: https://www.legalaid.vic.gov.au/find-legal-answers/criminal-offences/public-drunkenness

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