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Workplace Relations: Aside from this restriction, Australian citizens and overseas workers have equal employment rights!

According to Australian law, all employees working in Australia, regardless of their nationality, are entitled to equal basic employee rights and legal protection, such as minimum wage, standard hours, paid holidays, and Superannuation. Employers are responsible for providing appropriate employee benefits according to the employment status (full-time, part-time, and casual). However, both employers and employees […]

Workplace Relations: What are the six items to be included in pay slips?

It is required by Australian law for employers to provide employees with pay slips, and these must be delivered to the employee in electronic or written form within one working day of the wage being paid. This is to ensure that employees receive the correct wages and benefits and are able to keep complete records […]

Workplace Relations: When can an employee be terminated ‘without warning’?

In general, if an employer wants to terminate an employment contract with an employee, the employer must give the employee written notice, and this notice must specify the date of the employee’s last day of work. The employer can then give the notice to the employee in one of the following ways: personally delivering the […]