Survey Participant Information


 Frequently Asked Questions       常见问题

Why did we engage DQUBE Solutions, an independent research company? 为什么我们聘请一间独立研究公司进行这项调查?

We engaged an independent research company to ensure objectivity in the collection and analysis of responses.

 Your privacy is our top priority and we make sure that the collection of your feedback is safe and secure. DQUBE Solutions is known for taking confidentiality, information security, and privacy seriously. They comply with national privacy principles and abide by the respective codes of conduct of our industry bodies. Please be assured that all your responses, comments, and information are treated as strictly confidential.

为了确保反馈的客观性,我们聘请了一家独立的研究公司DQUBE Solutions来进行此研究。

您的隐私是我们的首要任务,因此,我们会确保您的反馈是完全保密。DQUBE Solutions是一间以保持高机密性 、 安全性和隐私权为名。他们遵守国家隐私原则,并遵守维州的行业机构的准则。因此,他们将严格保密您的所有回应、评论和信息。

When will I receive the survey? 我什么时候会收到问卷链接?

On Tuesday, 12th of September, you will receive a survey link from DQUBE Solutions via your email and text message. Once you click the link, the survey will automatically pop up in your web browser.

在9月12日(星期二),DQUBE Solutions 会把问卷链接发送到您的电邮地址及电话。您只需要点击链接,您的浏览器便会自动为您打开问卷。

What is the purpose of the survey? 此问卷的目的是什么?

As part of our commitment to continue achieving client success and providing an exceptional customer experience to all Asians in Australia, we want to get feedback from you regarding your engagement with us so that we can improve our service offerings.


How long does the survey take? 完成问卷需要多长时间?

The survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.


What do I get for completing the survey? 我完成问卷后,将会获得什么奖品?

We appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey. By participating in this survey, you stand a chance to win a 10.2″ 64GB iPad valued at $499. In addition, you will also get a $250 credit when you next engage us.

为了答谢您抽出宝贵的时间为我们完成问卷,只要您完成问卷,您可以参与抽奖,有机会赢取10.2″ 64GB iPad,价值澳元$499。此外,完成问卷后,您亦可获得澳元$250的律师费回赠作日后聘请我们时使用。

When will I receive my reward? 我什么时候可以取得奖品?

Shortly after the conclusion of the client feedback process, you will receive instructions on how to redeem your $250 credit via email or mobile. The winner of the prize draw will also receive instructions on how to redeem their prize.

在我们完成收集所有客户的反馈后,您会收到一份指南,详细介绍了您将如何领取$250澳元的律师费回赠,以及中奖者如何领取10”2 64 GB iPad

What questions do I have to answer? 我需要回答什么问题?

The survey consists of a few short multiple-choice questions that covered your experience with our lawyers and administrative staff.


Will my views remain confidential? 我的意见是否会被保密?

Please be assured that you will remain anonymous. Your responses are confidential and none of the information in the questionnaire will be used to identify you to us.

请放心,您的回答是绝对保密的。问卷中的任何信息都不会被用于向迦南律师事务所来确认您的身份 – 您将保持匿名。