Empower Your Future with Power of Attorney 

We understand the importance of planning for the future, especially when it comes to making decisions about your health, finances, and assets. We offer comprehensive Power of Attorney (POA) services, designed to provide you peace of mind and ensure your wishes are respected.

Having a power of attorney can bring you peace of mind and security in knowing that your affairs will be handled by someone you trust if you become unable to do so. It can also help prevent legal battles and family disputes over who should make decisions for you.

Whether you wish to appoint individuals to make financial or personal decisions or medical decisions, our lawyers are here to help. 

Whether you need someone to make financial or personal decisions on your behalf, our team of lawyers can assist you in setting up a power of attorney. There are two main types of power of attorney: general and enduring.

General Power of Attorney:

A general power of attorney allows you to appoint someone you trust, known as an attorney, to handle your financial and legal affairs while you are still alive. This type of power of attorney ends if you become mentally incapable of making decisions for yourself.

Enduring Power of Attorney:

An enduring power of attorney remains in effect even if you lose capacity. This type of power of attorney allows you to appoint an attorney to make decisions on your behalf in the event that you become mentally incapable.

If you experienced any of the following situations, speak to our Will and Probate Lawyers and find out how to protect your interests.

  • I have a medical condition that may affect my ability to make decisions in the future. 
  • I want to ensure that my assets are managed according to my wishes if I can no longer make decisions.
  • I am going on an extended trip and need someone to handle my affairs while I am away.
  • I have recently experienced a significant life change, such as a health issue or a change in my family circumstances.
  • I want to empower a trusted individual to make decisions on my behalf.

Frequently asked questions

When does a power of attorney take effect?

A power of attorney takes effect as soon as it is signed, unless it is a springing power of attorney. A springing power of attorney only takes effect when a specific event, such as mental incapacitation, occurs.

If you need assistance with creating a power of attorney, contact us today and we will guide you through the process and ensure your interests are protected.

What are the responsibilities of an agent under a power of attorney?

The responsibilities of an agent under a power of attorney include acting in the best interests of the principal, keeping accurate records of all transactions, and avoiding conflicts of interest. The agent must also follow any specific instructions outlined in the power of attorney document.

If you need legal advice or assistance with creating or executing a power of attorney, contact us today so that we can provide you with expert guidance and representation.

What are the costs associated with creating a power of attorney?

The costs associated with creating a power of attorney can vary depending on various factors such as the complexity of the document.

In order to get a specific quote, it would be best to contact us. We can assess your specific needs and provide you with a fixed-fee quote.

Can a power of attorney be revoked?

Yes, a power of attorney can be revoked at any time by the principal as long as they are mentally competent. The revocation must be in writing and signed in the presence of a witness.

Contact us to find out the best course of action in your situation. 

This FAQ content is general in nature and not intended as legal advice. For specific legal advice regarding your situation, we strongly advise you to consult a lawyer. 

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