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William Spencer-He

Practice Area: Family Law, Intervention Orders (IVO), Civil Litigation and Criminal Law.

William is a senior lawyer with over two decades of experience in family law, domestic violence matters, civil litigation and criminal law. He has extensive experience in attending legal proceedings in the Family Court, Federal Magistrates Court, Magistrates’ Court, County Court, and Supreme Court.

William is dedicated to achieving win-win solutions that are in his clients’ best interests, taking into account the long-term implications of their decisions. He has successfully resolved complex legal issues for clients while putting his clients’ interests first.

Notably, William is a NAATI Level 3 certified interpreter and translator in both Mandarin and English. This enables him to communicate effectively with his Chinese-speaking clients, ensuring that they fully understand their legal rights and options, and are able to participate fully in the legal process.

William is fluent in English and Mandarin.