The Crucial Factor for a Successful Intervention Order Application!

Under what circumstances can I apply for an intervention order?

An intervention order (also known as a protection order) is not limited to protecting either the female or male party. As long as anyone can prove that their life is being threatened, they can apply for a protection order.

How to apply for an intervention order?

When the victim applies for a restraining order at the local court, they can simultaneously provide witness testimonies from witnesses, doctors, or the police to prove acts of violence. Once the victim submits the application, the other party will receive a notice regarding the court hearing. Both you and the other party can choose to have a lawyer represent you.

In certain emergency situations, the court may issue an intervention order even if the other party does not respond. The most common situations involve stalking and harassment.

If the situation is truly urgent, we recommend immediately contacting the police for assistance, as they can help you apply for an intervention order. Whether you apply yourself or through the police, the procedure is free of charge.

If you have any legal questions regarding intervention orders, please contact us immediately. Our Intervention Order Lawyers will answer your legal questions and provide you with professional and cost-effective strategies to safeguard your rights.

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