Free Ultimate Pre-separation Checklist showing the things you must do before you start separation if you do want your divorce to be the least stressful.

Finally! find out what are the common mistakes made by husbands and wives when they move out of the house so you can avoid them!

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For a strictly limited time you can download a FREE copy of our Ultimate Pre-separation Checklist (valued at $99.00) which is usually provided to our clients…

In this exclusive report we’ll reveal:

  • The top reasons why many people spent thousands of dollars on unnecessary legal fees
  • How to avoid living through hell during the first months of separation
  • The one mistake which will stop you from hiring the best lawyer
  • How to avoid losing everything including personal jewellery and precious items
  • Why some people get much less than what they are entitled to
  • How you could lose your loved ones if you don’t take this easy step
  • What you should do if you want to finalise a divorce quickly and cost effectively

Here’s a Brief Outline of What We will Cover In Your FREE 30-minute Strategy meeting…


The Actual Needle Mover to get you more

We will explain why fault is not relevant and reveal what will actually determine the amount you get in a divorce


Tailored strategy + Proven system = Great Result

We will customised a strategy for you based on our proven system which we have used to achieve great results for our clients for the past 14 years


The Devastating Mistakes made by many people before and after separation

Many people are making these mistakes which will have a significant impact on the result they will achieve at the end


3 Simple but practical steps to achieve a better outcome in shorter timeframe

These strategies can help you can save you thousands of dollars and cut months off the legal process


Risk vs Gain Analysis

Should you accept the offer by your ex-spouse? Or should you make one?

We will show you how we use our analysis tool to assist our clients to decide whether it is worth the fight


The Old Myths & Downright Lies told by your divorce friends and the media

Many people still believe these old wives-tales and dirty lies told by your ex-spouse (such as “The law favours women” or “the spouse with more money will have full custody”)

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