One way to protect your assets without signing a prenuptial agreement!

Premarital property is property owned by one party before the marriage is established. If premarital property changes after marriage, such as being used for family life, the other party may request to divide the premarital property.

How to avoid the division of premarital property in divorce, in addition to signing a prenuptial agreement or a loan agreement with your parents?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Do not let your spouse contribute to any premarital property. For example, if the premarital property is a house, do not let your spouse live in the house after marriage, nor let your spouse participate in the maintenance and management of the house.
  • Rent out premarital property. This way, the income from premarital property will not be considered as joint marital property.
  • Make sure the monthly rent is enough to pay off the mortgage. This way, premarital property will not have any debt and will not be considered as joint marital property.

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